#25 Deaf, Dumb, and Blind in a COVID Lockdown

I am…

Deaf:  Well kind of. I wear hearing aids.  At least I should be. I had an appointment with the audiologist on Friday after school.  Now it is by phone. But wait! An appointment by phone I think… but I am deaf! How am I going to hear?  And what does after school really mean these days? Well it WAS after 3:00. Now it has been changed to 1:30 on Monday by phone during school hours. Yikes! I should probably change that.  Which leads to DUMB. It seems everything I am doing is just plain DUMB! I can’t remember a thing.

Dumb:  Not dumb in the lack of speech manner, but, unfortunately, the regular stupid DUMB.  I put the trash in recycling and the recycling in trash, I get up to go somewhere and then I forget where I am going.  I can’t remember which latest proclamation explains what about what. Is it just me? My mom has Alzheimer’s. Am I already there?  Yikes! I hope that my dumbness is just from these times of COVID. 

Blind:  This morning I woke up and I couldn’t see straight.  I wandered around feeling dizzy and covering one eye after the other. Next, I peered in the mirror.  Were my contacts both still there? After I poked around a bit, ( not a good idea especially during COVID times), I decided I needed new ones.  Oh that’s right! 2 weeks ago before the COVID lock down swung into gear, I had planned on getting a new pair of glasses and ordering new contacts.  I had just used the last pair.. but,,,, due to Corona, I didn’t go out and shop. And then I forgot..(Remember Dumb?). So I have no contact replacement and am wearing my fiance’s readers.  I already have a phobia of having to look at my less than lovely face on video. The reading glasses don’t help.

Maybe, if this goes on long enough, I will become too deaf, dumb, and blind to remember. Some things are worth forgetting.  

Just another dumb piece of communication during times of COVID.

6 thoughts on “#25 Deaf, Dumb, and Blind in a COVID Lockdown

  1. Your post sounds very familiar to me today. I cannot find my notebook. I remember myself putting down and thinking it would be a good place to leave it for the moment. Nowhere… Sounds like a good reason to take it easy until things get back to normal. Good luck!

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  2. You are not dumb, ever. It’s hard when we get older and the senses go….
    I can’t do ANYTHING without my glasses. I freak out and have to say to Brett…”What do the numbers say?” on my phone when I need to know the time…lol. Love you, Wendy!


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